A-Z reasons why you should meditate as shared by meditators.

A – Awareness

Meditation is complete awareness. It can happen every moment but it has to start with eyes closed!
Varun Uniyal, Business Analyst

B – Bliss

After meditation, I feel a sense of absolute bliss for a long time.
Gurudatt Anvekar, Graphic Designer

C – Calm

When the mind is calm, meditation happens automatically and when you meditate, the mind calms down automatically.
Amit Gupta, Software Developer

D – Divinity

Meditation brings me closer to the divinity in me.
Ankit Batheja, Business Analyst

E – Emptiness

You need to meditate to touch the core of emptiness. When I experience that space within me, I feel enriched, and can experience the fullness of peace and joy.
Niladri Dutta, Graphic Designer

F – Fruitful

After I started meditating, life has become more fruitful. Suddenly there is a purpose to life.
Mahima Bhanot, Travel Agent

G – Grounded

With regular practice of meditation, I can now stay grounded and keep my cool even in difficult situations.
Vimal Nair, Software Programmer

H – Hug

Meditation is like giving a loving hug to myself, getting in touch with that awesome part of me.
Sylaja Kannan, Content Editor

I – Intimacy

While meditating, I feel a deep sense of intimacy with God, a love that is inexplicable.
Jennifer D’Costa, Student

J – Joy

Meditation has given me a joy that lasts for days together.
Deepti Dham, HR Professional

K – Knowledge

Meditation makes me dive deeper into knowledge, the ultimate truth.
Nikhila Singh, Supervisor, Oberoi Hotels

L – Love

Meditation is experiencing love of a different kind, a different flavor. It is falling in love with the divine.
Mohini Mathur, Housewife

M – Must

A must do every day! Do you forget to brush your teeth? Then how can you forget to meditate?
Sonali Sharma, Professor

N – Natural

Meditation lets me be absolutely natural. At 17, I still feel like a child.
Dolly Puri, Student

O – Oneness

Meditation is experiencing a sense of oneness with yourself.
Amit Singh, Designer

P – Priority

Make meditation a priority in your life and see how everything else falls in place all by itself.
Vijayan G, Retiree

Q – Quilt

Meditation is my quilt that protects me against chilly weather outside, keeping me nice and warm within.
Joicy Mathew, Office Manager

R – Rejuvenate

Meditation rejuvenates me to carry through the day with enthusiasm.
Vivek Pandey, Software Tester

S – Smiling

Meditation keeps me ever smiling, makes my smile unshakeable.
Eben Felix, Travel Writer

T – Tranquil

A tranquil state of mind is all I want and meditation is the only way.
Mukta Behere, Content Writer

U – Umbrella

Meditation is like an umbrella sheltering me from the heavy rain of sorrow.
Arti Thaker, Florist

V – Victory

Meditation is victory of the Big Mind (Self) over the Small (human) Mind.
Nandini Nandan, Bharatanatyam Artist

W – Warm

Meditation is like a warm mug of hot chocolate on a chilly morning.
Deepti Sachdev, Teacher

X – X-Ray Vision

Meditation gives me the ability to look at the core of the situation, just like an X-Ray.
Resha Patel, Manager

Y – Yo-yo

With meditation, you can joyfully bounce through the ups and downs of life, enjoying the roller-coaster ride.
Ruchi Pahuja, SEO Expert

Z – Zeal

Meditation gives me the zeal to do absolutely anything that creates positivity within and around me.

From: The art of living’s FB


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